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Foolad Kaveh Tikmeh Dash Industries Co. Narrated by Mr. Hossein Zarrab Founder and Chief Executive Officer
Having lofty goals, Foolad Kaveh Tikmeh Dash Industries Co. was established to create employment, supply the inventory of the construction warehouses of the country, prevent capital outflow, and eventually monetize through the export of surplus domestic demand. The construction and executive operations of this industrial-production complex began in 2008 with a start-up capital amounting to 60 billion Rials.
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After registration, the executive operations of this huge complex continued consistently and non-stop. Site selection, land purchase, construction of factories 'sheds and office buildings, import of machinery, installation and equipment set-up and recruitment of skilled labour force were achieved. Finally, in 2011 this industrial-manufacturing complex was put into operation. Establishment and exploitation license of Private Industrial Town of Foolad Kaveh Tikmeh Dash in a fifty-hectare land was obtained and conditions were provided for the start-up of more than forty related industrial units. Foolad Kaveh Tikmeh Dash Industries Complex, a private (nongovernmental) industrial town, is considered one of the pioneers in the field of supplying various rebars in different sizes, with an annual production capacity of 300 thousand tons.

Today, with a capital amounting to 4,200 billion Rials, this huge complex has been successful in creating 350 direct job opportunities and over 2000 indirect job opportunities at full capacity.

In an attempt to reach an ambitious goal of supplying ingot required as the raw material, Foolad Kaveh Tikmeh Dash Industries Complex managed to establish the Steel-Production Unit in this huge complex. This unit was established with an annual capacity of 250 thousand tons of steel ingot, and the installation and assembly of this unit are completed. This production unit is currently in the production and bring up phase. Undoubtedly, this important industrial unit will play an effective and vital role in supplying the ingot required by the factory.

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Foolad Kaveh Tikmeh Dash Industries Co

Construction of a unit (steel making) in the form of a huge complex

Prevent the outflow of currency and ultimately currency through the export of excess domestic demand

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